Plaza Mayor: Edificio “El Reloj”

Tower- shaped building that is located in the Plaza Mayor of Valdecaballeros.


Iglesia de San Miguel Arcángel

Temple of Mudejar style of S. XV, in whose cover we find Roman inscriptions that make reference to the emperors Vespasiano and Domiciano, of granite and well conserved. Another aspect to emphasize is the portico with triple arch of the entrance. The interior of the sanctuary is constituted by three naves separated from each other by pillars. There is an altarpiece and a wooden choir, same material as the one used for the roof. The roof is formed by a barrel vault and semicircular buttresses surrounding the head of the temple.


Ermita de Baños

Chapel built after the Civil War for the veneration of the Virgin of Fatima and San Isidro. It presents on its facade a shield formed by vase and flowers, emblem of the Royal Dehesas of Guadalupe. It is present in the surroundings of the town.


Balneario de Valdefernando

Thermal center rehabilitated in recent times, present in the vicinity of the town, close to the Ermita de Baños.


“La isla” o “Cerro de la Barca”

Castros y Dólmen / Remains of a walled fortification.

In the small hill called "La Isla" or "Cerro de la Barca", in which we can find pre - Roman forts, dolmens and remains of a walled fortification.  There are also in this enclave examples of wild olive tree, a tree venerated by the Celtic tradition.


Central Nuclear Fantasma

Installation that was closed due to protests against it and that, by its abandonment, now enjoys a ghostly appearance.