In the localities that are part of the Siberia Biosphere Reserve Candidacy there are many traditions and festivals present, deeply rooted ancestral celebrations, which help to shape the identity of its inhabitants, provided in turn with an intense symbolism that alternates the pagan and the religious. Thus, we find a rich folklore that is the essence of this region, a set of traditions, pilgrimages and festivities several, impregnated all of popular character and love for the roots, which are passed from parents to children in order to persist despite over time and progressive depopulation.


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 San Antón


Religiosity, music and dance constitute the fundamental axis of this festival, which is celebrated on January 17 in the town of Peloche.





 La Candelaria


A great bonfire rises in the night of "La Candelaria", a festival of Celtic origins that has been held for centuries in the town of Risco.





 San Blas


One of the oldest Extremaduran traditions of which there is evidence, the particular "Dance of San Blas" constitutes a cultural heritage of undeniable value.




 Las Alabardas


The traditional struggle between good and evil represented symbolically with a parade of ornate halberds and a unique flag-in-hand confrontation.




 Arco de los Quintos


A rite of transition from youth to adulthood, remembrance of the old "quintadas" of military service, in which the "Quintos" erect a particular "arch" that they are in charge of guarding.




 Los Ranchos


Colorful carriages accompany this pilgrimage that is celebrated in Castilblanco and that combines days of rural conviviality and popular religiosity.




 Los Diablucos


A centuries-old tradition that mixes pagan and religious elements to represent the confrontation between good and evil. The neighbors of Helechosa de los Montes commemorate the "Corpus Christi" under the presence of the rioters "Diablucos".




 Corpus Christi - Fuenlabrada de los Montes


Spectacular handmade embroidered shawls, elaborately decorated drawings and other ornamental elements welcome the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi) in the town of Fuenlabrada de los Montes for this festivity.




 Corpus Christi - Puebla de Alcocer


In Puebla de Alcocer, the procession of Corpus Christi travels along a path adorned with beautiful carpets of sawdust and salt, aromatic herbs and diverse ornamental elements, at the same time that "standard bearers", "halberdiers" and "captains" accompany the priest and the children dressed in communion.



 El Cristo del Consuelo


Devotion and respect characterize this procession that runs through the streets of Sancti Spíritus, in which the neighbors manifest their spirituality and their fervor for the venerated image.




 La Luminaria y Los Tizneros


On December 12, the eve of Santa Lucia, large and varied bonfires illuminate the streets of Herrera del Duque, one of its most deeply rooted and ancestral traditions: "La Luminaria", also known as "Los Tizneros".




 Las Gavillas


Procession of pagan origin, in which large columns of branches are walked through the streets of Tamurejo, until finally forming a bonfire around which all the inhabitants of the town congregate.