In order to favor the accessibility by people with reduced mobility or disability to the different destinations of interest and tourist establishments that the Siberia Region has, a series of spaces adapted to their special accessibility needs are detailed below. . In this sense, the elimination of barriers in order to favor access to the culture and the natural and artistic heritage of the towns that make up Siberia is a fundamental pillar for the promotion of tourism in the region.

In order to categorize the different spaces, facilities and services of La Siberia for the purpose of accessibility by persons with reduced mobility problems or other functional limitations, a list of places is included below (Facilities, establishments, religious temples, etc.) of La Siberia, distinguishing two categories:



Accessible places: Premises that meet the requirements of dimensions and functionality to ensure its autonomous use and comfort for people with reduced mobility or other functional limitations.


Practicable places: those that without adjusting to all the requirements that do meet the accessible places, allow their autonomous use by people with reduced mobility or other functional limitation.


This list of places in La Siberia corresponds to the information included in the "Accessibility Guide for the Province of Badajoz" prepared by the entities of COCEMFE BADAJOZ (AIMCOZ, ALFAGUARA and APAMEX), as well as the "Guide to Accessible Tourism of Extremadura" endorsed by the Junta de Extremadura.