Here you will find the main points of interest of the different towns that make up Siberia.The selection consists of varied enclaves, ranging from streets of classical design, manor houses, civil buildings, religious temples, fountains, sculptures and other ornamental elements present in urban centers to natural landscapes, fortifications, archaeological remains or bathing areas available nearby. It is, in short, to highlight a wide range of alternatives that allow you to enjoy a full experience, enriching your trip with the impressive heritage, architectural, artistic and natural heritage offered by the towns of La Siberia.


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Constituting a secluded enclave, almost isolated and located in a wild place, is the town of Baterno, whose monumental set highlights the Church of San Andrés Apóstol and the Hermitage of La Virgen del Fuego.




To the Northeast of Badajoz, on the banks of the Guadiana, we find the town of Casas de Don Pedro, in which the urban area consists of numerous manor houses and manors.





In addition to throwing a perfect panoramic of the Zújar Reservoir, the town of Esparragosa de Lares has a monumental set of remarkable interest.






The small and sparsely populated village of Galizuela is synonymous with tranquility. In its humble constitution there are hardly any traces of the past, highlighting the landscape of the plain in which it is located.




Located at the foot of the Sierra del Calvario , Garlitos presents a segregated urban structure in two parts: an older one, located in the elevations and a more modern one settled in the flat and larger area.




Framed in the heart of the Siberia Extremeña, Herrera del Duque has medieval origins that determine its patrimonial legacy. Historical enclaves and impressive places make up a group of undoubted interest.




Sitting on a high slope, Puebla de Alcocer throws a compact and uniform image. In its surroundings we can find some interesting remains such as the "Castillo Viejo" or   Roman site   from   "Lacimurga Constantia Iulia".




Small town with ancient and labyrinthine streets, located in a rugged, steeply sloping enclave, Risco stands out above all for its religious buildings.






Located in the middle of the mountainous area, the town of Siruela has a wide historical baggage present in its ruins, as well as an outstanding patrimonial set of religious type, in addition to other diverse sculptural elements.




Small town, Tamurejo is characterized by the popular mountain architecture that permeates its urban center, very little subjected to transformations and perfectly integrated with the landscape that surrounds it.




Nestled in a rugged landscape, but of great beauty, we find Villarta de los Montes, a town privileged by its natural environment, without a doubt its strong point. Its most emblematic construction is the so-called "Old Bridge" or "Medieval Bridge of the Mesta".


Parish of Helechosa de los Montes, the secluded village of Bohonal is located in the middle of the Sierra de la Dehesilla, which places it among natural landscapes of great beauty. An ideal hidden place for rest.




Located to the southwest of Helechosa de los Montes, Castilblanco presents many vestiges of the past, including remembrances of its Templar origins and the era of  Arab domination.





Characterized its surroundings by a typical landscape of meadow, Fuenlabrada de los Montes is a town with a long beekeeping tradition, which is honored by various sculptures in its urban core.




Historically linked to the Cañada Real SegovianaGarbayuela is a small town of beautiful natural landscapes, with some elements of interest in its urban core.





Helechosa de los Montes has landscapes of great attractiveness, not in vain is it surrounded by the Sierra de los Batanes. In addition to its undeniable natural exuberance, its varied urban ensemble also has its charm.




Navalvillar de Pela is a beautiful municipality in the province of Badajoz, located between the regions of La Serena, La Siberia and Las Vegas Altas del Guadiana. It is located in a flat settlement, near the area of Vegas Altas.




Parish of Herrera del Duque, located on the banks of the García de Sola reservoir, the Guadiana river pass by Peloche and the marsh areas of the area, converts this area into a recreational area on the river.




In the vicinity of the García Sola reservoir is the small town of Puerto Peña, which takes its name from the spectacular rock that is there.






On the banks of the Serena reservoir and next to the Sierra del Cuchillo, we find the town of Sancti-Spíritus, ideal for fishing. In its streets the white color predominates, which permeates the constructions of the town.




There is an undeniable historical imprint in Talarrubias, present in the numerous traces that time has left in this beautiful town, which has a notorious artistic legacy.





Valdecaballeros stands out for its popular architecture, rustic houses on the ground floor; as well as having some temples of interest and the presence of archaeological finds in its surroundings.