The Siberia Extremeña is a region characterized by the good preservation of its landscapes. In it water predominates, thanks to its kilometric extensions of inland coast, but we also find a diverse range of landscapes of the most varied, with rocky, wooded, steppe, meadow, irrigable and wetland areas.


The soils of this land are poor and shallow, also constituting a very irregular area, which houses lowlands, peneplains, prairies, slate, valleys and quartzitic saws. Also, the southern zone diverges with respect to the north of the region, because while the south is characterized by being flatter, the north is composed of more rugged terrain, by the foothills of the Montes de Toledo. From this diversity of environments and scenarios a great variety of habitats is derived, concentrating La Siberia an amalgam of optimal conditions for the discovery and enjoyment of nature through multiple activities in the best conditions.


The landscape richness of this region is such that the visit to La Siberia immediately becomes a unique experience for the nature lover. In view of its enjoyment by the visitor, the following should be highlighted among the landscapes of the area:


Quartzite mountain ranges and valleys:

  • Golondrinos and Chimenea mountain ranges
  • Rinconada and Umbría mountain ranges
  • La Lobera mountain range


Mounts islands and isolated mountain ranges on plains:

  • Puebla mountain range


Landscape of Peneplain:

  • Meadow Plain of Herrera del Duque.


Countryside of the Guadiana Basins:

  • Meadow plain of the Guadalupejo.


Embedded river valleys:

  • Embedded valley of the Guadiana


Sedimentary Basins:

  • Scrublands of Valdecaballeros, Castilblanco and Estena.


These are just some of the highlights of Siberia, but there are many more. Pure air, superb panoramas, an incomparable forest and wildlife wealth... What else can be asked of this privileged environment that is La Siberia Extremeña?