The project to create the Biosphere Reserve in "La Siberia" arose in mid-2014 , as a sustainable development project that would contribute to the development and promotion of this region of Extremadura. This promotion is made to the citizenship, through the municipalities of La Siberia, the Diputación de Badajoz and the Local Action Group " CEDER LA SIBERIA ".


The figure of the Biosphere Reserve is defined by UNESCO , within the framework of its program "The Man and the Biosphere" (MAB) . It is a figure that bets for the integrated management of the biodiversity of the sites designated with this categorization. The MAB program is committed to interdisciplinary research, to put limits on the loss of biodiversity and reduce its ecological, economic and social consequences. Through the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, knowledge is exchanged, decisions are made and continuous monitoring is carried out, all from an integrative and highly participative model.


According to the achievement of this designation of the Siberia Region as a possible Biosphere Reserve, a series of initiatives for the development of the candidacy are being developed from the aforementioned 2014 to the present date, seeking to involve the citizens at all times that integrates the localities that are part of Siberia. It is the citizens themselves who define the Zoning of the Reserve, the Action Plan to be followed and the Management System that will govern the process, all in order to consolidate the candidacy as an instrument for the promotion not only economic and tourism of "La Siberia", but also cultural, heritage and scientific. In short, it is about taking advantage of the potential that La Siberia Extremadura offers as a region, recognizing through this application the environmental, cultural, landscape and heritage values ​​of the region, so that these can be used as an impulse that contributes to the development of new opportunities that guarantee the future survival of all its peoples and their inhabitants in the face of pressing problems such as the progressive depopulation of rural environments.



All this without neglecting the essential purpose of promoting the intervention of citizens throughout the process, promoting active participation and listening, optimizing in this regard the possibilities offered by the web spaces and social networks (supported by this last agora in the hashtag #LaSIberiaSÍ), which allows reaching a greater number of people at the same time as they involve a direct communication with them, which can express their opinions in relation to the Candidacy in a direct and simple way.


In this sense of promoting virtual spaces, it is worth highlighting the development of the website, as an element not only for the provision of information, but also as a space of opinion in relation to the Candidacy and a formula of involvement in supporting it.


The candidacy of La Siberia Extremadura as a Biosphere Reserve has the commitment and commitment of the Board and the Assembly of Extremadura, the eleven municipalities of the environment, as well as the University Extremeña and various institutions and entities.




Galería Candidatura Proyecto Reserva de la Biosfera "La Siberia"