Located to the south of Garbayuela , in the limits of the province of Ciudad Real , is the small town of Tamurejo .

The urban area of Tamurejo is characterized by the popular mountain architecture that characterizes other populations of the area , very little subjected to transformations and perfectly integrated with the landscape that surrounds it . Traditional masonry buildings, finished with mud and lime and that can be found in the different streets of the area. The most modern constructions are in the periphery. Obligatory visit in Tamurejo is the Church of Santo Toribio de Liébana , of classical style and whitewashed masonry, dating from the nineteenth century. Around the patron saint of said church is celebrated in April a festival, that of Santo Toribio , in which old utensils are burned and soot is used to smudge the faces - similar to the "Fiesta del Tizne" of Villarta de los Montes , also belonging to the Region of Siberia - . In the Plaza Mayor we found the Town Hall, a nice building. In addition to this square, we find several more in the term, of smaller sizes.

Religious temple of modern construction (Late Twentieth Century) is the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Rosary , patron of Tamurejo . Due to the devotion felt in Tamurejo by its patron, it was the effort of the neighbors themselves that led to the construction of the temple. On August 15 a procession is celebrated around the hermitage, but it is in October when the proper feasts of the Virgin of the Rosary , pilgrimage and tombola included, are celebrated to contribute to the maintenance of the sanctuary.

Another element of interest for the visitor is the so-called "Molino" , construction located in the surroundings of the town and whose name can be deduced the use that once was given to this building, used to grind grain. Also outside we can find a viewpoint in the " Pinguta del Morro" , from which you can see the vast territories that make up these places. Next to this viewpoint we find the "Peña del Águila" , a huge rock that is above the Agudo River. Other natural enclaves of great beauty are the " Aguapero " ,"El Puerto" or "El Burro" .

The cuisine of Tamurejo does not differ from the rest of the region of Siberia, postulating some of the most widespread dishes of the region as also typical of Tamurejo . Among these culinary elaborations we find the Ajoblanco , the crumbs or other elaborations around the slaughter of the pig. Fishing and hunting can not be ignored, elaborating in this sense calderetas and various stews , as well as the famous escarapuche so typical of the region. In the pastry field highlights the Bodigo , the most popular sweet of this town. This is not an obstacle so that the popular candelillas, canutos, honey sweets and donuts are not extended . Oils, spirits, vinegar, pitarra wine and honey are also produced locally .

Among the festivities that characterize Tamurejo , in addition to the already mentioned Festivity of Santo Toribio de Liébana , other highlights take place throughout the year, among which is "La Enramá " - which is also celebrated in Garbayuela and in which the waiters demonstrate their love interest by tying branches to the windows of their lovers, while they respond by giving them custard the next day - the "Festival of the Sheaves" at Christmas, the holidays of San Pantaleón - pattern of the locality - , the corpus, as well as Holy Week , which alternates religious processions with pagan festivities such as "The Night of the Fifths" .


  • Bar Nicanor

Adress: Calle Santa Eulalia, 1, 06658 Tamurejo, Badajoz.

Phone: 630 77 13 97

  • Bar “El Niño”

Adress: Paseo España, 2.

Phone: 600 66 24 67



Phone: 628 797 369



Points of interest

  • Iglesia de Santo Toribio de Liébana.
  • Ayuntamiento. 
  • Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Rosario.
  • Enclaves naturales de los alrededores:
    • El “Molino”.
    • Mirador de la Pinguta del Morro.
    • Peña del águila.
    • Otros: “Aguapero”, “El Puerto” o “El Burro”.