The town of Siruela, known as Villanueva de Siruela in medieval times, is located east of Talarrubias, to the fall of the Sierra de Siruela -which, according to some theories, takes its name- whose highest point is the Sierra of the Motilla with about 940 meters of height. Nearby are the reservoirs of La Serena, Zújar, Orellana and Puerto Peña.

In Siruela, population with ample historical baggage, we find vestiges of pre-Roman and Roman times, highlighting especially the finding of a Tartessian stela, in the place called "El Ruidero". This population had a prominent role in the Honorable Council of the Mesta to have held in it several of its Assemblies throughout the sixteenth century.

Siruela had a fortress outside the walls, which could have been the Solar House of the Señorío de Siruela, located in the current Barrio de San Roque, in the place known as "La Cava", of which there is a well and some construction remains.

To the west of the town, about a kilometer away, are the remains of another fortress, known as "Los Paredones", built by the Templars and was ordered destroyed in the fourteenth century for having become a refuge for thieves and robbers.

There are several religious constructions that are conserved. The parish church of Nuestra Señora de la Antigua, built in the fourteenth century in Gothic style, with Mudejar elements, has been greatly modified in later times. Another outstanding building is that of the Convent of the Poor Clares, founded on a previous beguinage in 1530, with a Herrerian style cover. Outside the town, 2 km to the SE, we find one of the most important religious temples in the region of La Siberia, the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de Altagracia, with its Gothic main chapel of the 15th century, baroque paintings of the 18th century in its interior and with the new image of one of the most singular invocations of virgins of Extremadura, with projection in America, and patroness of Siruela. The Hermitage of Calvary, which was founded in 1626, is completed by a single nave and vault following the guidelines of traditional rural buildings.

In the area of ​​civil construction, the main element is the Palace of the Dukes of Fernán Núñez, located in the Plaza de España, with two levels of height, housing in the middle of the pediment of auction of the cover a shield, probably carrying of the previous building, with the heraldic arms of Velasco, de la Cueva, Medrano and Zúñiga, which correspond to the VII Count of Siruela, Don Gabriel de Velasco (1580-1625). Another singular construction is the chapel of the Hospital of San Francisco, known as Hospital del Perulero because it was founded with the goods left by his testament, the Don Francisco de Vargas. Only the church is conserved, begun in 1590 and finished in 1617, with a Herrerian-style doorway, and now converted into a Cultural Center. In the same square are left as remains of the old town hall of the sixteenth century an arcaded gallery and the council tower or tower clock, this one reformed in 1953. Finally, the heritage of this square is completed with the Sculpture of D. José Moreno Nieto, illustrious son of the town that stood out as a deputy, rector, arabist and writer, work in bronze made in 1983 by the villanovense sculptor Ricardo García Lozano.

Siruela has varied hunting grounds, besides being an enclave where you can see numerous birds, corresponding to species such as the Egyptian vulture, golden eagle, Bonelli's eagle or the eagle owl, to name a few. The natural area is also suitable for hiking and bicycle touring, with numerous trails approved for these practices and conveniently marked.

Gastronomically highlights in Siruela the use of the products of slaughter and tasting of cheese. The most outstanding dishes are, in general, the most widespread in the region: Ajoblanco, migas, tomato soups, stews and the like, but because of its typicity, the "bodigo" stands out, elaborated mainly on the occasion of the feast of All Saints and composed mainly of bread, slaughter products, meat, sugar, almonds and hard-boiled egg.

The confectionary activity of the Convent of the Poor Clares is also remarkable, since it is the main activity of the nuns who reside there. In the convent, sweets such as tiles, Santa Clara yolks, chocolates and various marzipan are made.

Among the most outstanding festivities of Siruela are the Day of the Bodigo (November 1), "Las Cruces" (May 3), the pilgrimage of San Isidro (May 15), the Cattle Fair (June), as well as the festivities and the celebrations of Siruela, that take place in August and September, respectively.



Points of interest

  • Los “paredones” de “la cava”: Restos del antiguo castillo templario.
  • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Antigua.
  • Convento de las Clarisas.
  • Ermita del Calvario.
  • Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Altagracia.
  • Palacio de los Duques de Fernán-Núñez.
  • Hospital de San Francisco / Centro Cultural Francisco de Bargas “El Perulero”.
  • Plaza de España:
    • Fuente octogonal de granito.
    • Estatua en honor a D. José Moreno Nieto.
    • Torre del reloj.



Rural House

  • Casa Rural “La Pajarona”

Category: 5 estrellas verdes

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  • Casa Rural “La Casa de Marina”

Adress: Travesía Cuenca 2 06650 Siruela

Phone: 667 678 140



Recreational Activities / Adventure trip


Activity: Programas formativos, educativos de naturalez y actividades complementarias y de aventura.

Address: CTRA. SIRUELA-GARBAYUELA 06650 Siruela, Badajoz.

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  • Hostal Restaurante “Los Amigos”

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  • Restaurante LOS AMIGOS

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Address: CALLE LUIS CHAMIZO, 2. 06650 Siruela, Badajoz.

Bars and Restaurants


Address: PLAZA LAGARES, 1. 06650 Siruela, Badajoz.

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Address: PLAZA SANTA CLARA, 1. 06650 Siruela, Badajoz.

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Address: AVENIDA GUADALUPE, 32. 06650 Siruela, Badajoz.

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  • Restaurante LOS AMIGOS

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  • Bar CENTRO

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  • Cafetería-Bar LA PISCINA

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