We will start at the end of the last villa in the town of Puerto Peña, which is on the road that goes from the town to Talarrubias, on a road where the road begins. First we will descend, and then climb to the "Cerro de la Cabeza". Once we have left the latter on the left, we turn right to take the road from Casas - Garbayuela, until we reach the "Casasola" farm, from where we can contemplate perfect views of the Guadiana River. Then we will go up the farm "Zuhilla Baja" to reach "Zuhilla Alta". We will then proceed on the plain, observing the "Laguna Redonda" on our left and then entering the valley where the "Fuente del Hortezuelo" is located. After this we will take the path of the Cross Girl, where we will find the "Laguna del Alandre" where if we are lucky we can observe a steppe bird. Later we will arrive at the Bohonales road, and then take a paved road that leads to the Talarrubias cemetery.





In the town of Puerto Peña along the road of Talarrubias.


Walking; length 14, 20 km; duration of the march 3 h 33 m; low difficulty.

By bike: 1 h 5 min. Elevation 118 m Linear route.


  • Rating "SBPA Orellana Reservoir and Sierra de Pela".
  • Fauna: shore birds like ducks, egrets, cranes, herons and grebes; Steppe birds like bustards, bustards, harriers and kites.


Recreational area in the town of Puerto Peña.