Starting from Las Boyerizas, we take a path to the forest pylon. From there, we follow a small path on the left bank of the stream, which will take us through a pine forest until we reach a rocky area around which we find some holly feet. We rode the rock on the right, until we return to the side of the stream, but without crossing it. We walk through a pine forest, ascending the trough until we reach a forest track, where we will take the left until a sharp curve where we will find some barracks of the last century. At this point, we left the track on the left and began to ascend the moon path towards the peak of Azorejo , in which there is a guard post that throws a splendid panoramic. We continue along the track, until we come to a fork where we will take the right, going around the top of the Azorejo to descend again to the pine forests. We take a path on our left that will take us to a hill, where we continue along the track on the left. At 50 meters we will find a new fork, we take the right and start a new descent, during which we will find a new fork in which we will choose to take the left. After a section of descent in zig-zag , we reach the road, from which we can see the point from which we started: Las Boyerizas.




Helechosa de los Montes. On the Majadavieja mountain , within the Regional Hunting Reserve of Cíjara .


From Boyerizas de Majadavieja , in Helechosa de los montes. On the road between Helechosa and Villarta, next to the tourist accommodation.


On foot, duration of the route: 3 h 45 min. Distance 8, 40 km, with 264 m of unevenness. By bike: 40 min. Low difficulty. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 19'20.9 "N 4 ° 57'01.1" W


  • Vegetation : Pine forests, Pyrenean Oaks and patches of Mediterranean forest. Holly trees.
  • Geological formations.
  • Protected species of flora and fauna.


Rest area in Las Boyerizas. Mirador del Azorejo .