This route runs along the old road from Helechosa de los Montes to Castilblanco, going up the valley of the Nine Voices stream, in a wooded area. We will find first the pond of the Robledillos, and then a dam on the stream. On the way up we went from the Public Utility Mount No. 27 "Los Robledillos" to the Public Utility Mount No. 9 "Los Chopos". Upon entering the central track at the Crossing of the Tables, we turn left, coinciding with the Guadiana Natural Way, next to a pond on the bed of the Bad Steps River. After traveling about 1,500 m from the central track, we take a path to the left that crosses the stream, then return to the old road from Helechosa to Castilblanco, which will mean the return to the Robledillos.



Helechosa de los Montes.


We start from the Interpretation Center of the resources of the surroundings of the Cíjara, in the place Los Robledillos (Carretera BA- 077).


On foot; length 10,10 Km; duration of the march 2 h 35 min; low difficulty . By bike, 50 min. Elevation 202 m. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 19'20.9 "N 4 ° 57'01.1" W


  • Vegetation: Stone Pine and resin forest, gall oaks, riparian vegetation.
  • Fauna: Deer, fallow deer, roe deer. Birds: Short-toed Tree-Creepers, Chaffinchs, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Crested Tits, Wood Nuthatchs, jays, hawks, goshawks, vultures, Egyptian vultures, black storks.
  • In the vicinity of the pond of Mesas you can observe hunting wildlife approaching drinking.


Interpretation Center of the resources of the Cíjara environment in Los Robledillos. Observatory of the Berrea. Picnic Recreational area of ​​the Robledillos pond. Picnic