The route begins in the parking area next to the forest house of El Robledillo. We continue until we take to the right a path located on the edge of a stream, until we reach an old ruined house. From here the ascent to the piles of the Muela begins . You cross a mass of rebollos, later a mass of pines by a firewall and after this, the descent begins, crossing a trough. After about 4 km, you descend through a boxed valley, then climbing its slope through a pine forest and taking another track on the right, calledLa Peña. In a detour from it we can find a fire monitoring post that offers magnificent views. Descending along the forest road you come to a viewpoint that allows you to contemplate the landscape of El Robledillo stream valley. Finally, we return to the Main Course where the course started, turn right and the route closes.



Villarta de los Montes


On Mount El Robledillo, in Villarta de los Montes, within the Regional Hunting Reserve of Cíjara. From the road that joins the N-430 with Villarta de los Montes, bypassing the main track, in the place of the Badenes.


On foot; length 12.50 km; duration of walking 3 h 10 min; low difficulty . Elevation 170 m. Route circular.

Coordinates: 39 ° 12'20.7 "N 4 ° 50'02.9" W


  • Vegetation : Forests of pines, Pyrenean Oaks, gall oaks, holm oaks, strawberry trees, heather, rosemary.
  • Fauna: Deer, Fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer. Birds: Northern Goshawk, jay, Great Spotted Woodpecker, rock pigeons and many passerines (songbirds).


Recreational area in La Muela . Viewpoint in El Robledillo. Shelter and drinking water.