The start is marked by the signage sign next to the pier of La Barca. We climbed the access ramp to the highway, and then traveled some 400 m of road towards Helechosa de los Montes, until we found a left deviation, that of the Hoyo trail. From there, we crossed an access road to the Reserva del Cíjara, to begin the ascent along the Hoyo trail, which runs parallel to the Cíjara reservoir. The track makes a turn to continue parallel to the Arroyo del Charco Hondo valley until reaching the Maribarba pass, where the junction with the main trail of the Reserve is located. We leave this main track to continue on the track of El Cuervo on the right, section in descent , until we reach the cliff of Cuervo. The route ends on the road where we started the itinerary, but near Helechosa , where the access to the El Cuervo track is signposted.



Helechosa de los Montes.


It starts from the place of La Barca, on the banks of the Cíjara Reservoir, on the road that connects Helechosa de los Montes with Bohonal, before crossing the bridge over the Guadiana River.


Walking; length 16.80 Km; duration of the march 4h 48min; medium difficulty - low. By bike: 1 h 50 min. Elevation 260 m Linear route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 18'30.2 "N 4 ° 51'53.3" W


  • Vegetation: Stone pine and resin forest. Gall oaks, oaks, cork oaks, strawberry trees, junipers. Shrubs: Rosemary, Rockrose Spanish Lavender.
  • Wildlife: Deer. Birds: golden eagle, griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, black stork, Blue Rock-Thrush, Iberian Magpie, Green Woodpeckers, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Chaffinchs, Song thrushes, jays, wood pigeons, myths and European Robins.
  • Landscape Views: Guadiana River, Charco Hondo Stream Valley, Risco del Cuervo, Helechosa town, Cíjara Reservoir.


Start signaling poster . Natural viewpoints. La Barca Recreational Area and Natural Beach, which has picnic areas.