It starts from the parking lot in Puerto del Sotillo, starting the ascent to the left by a small path between rockrose to reach provisional facilities for fire detection. Continue along the path until you reach a new pass, taking a forest track on the right. After a descent, you come to a crossroads, continuing on a track that faces you. Continue the descent until you reach a new track, on the right. Said track surrounds a pond. Taking it, we will arrive at a fork, in which we will leave the main track to continue walking along a wooden track. On a signposted curve where the round trip begins, we will take to the left a corridor made in the pine forest. Descending by it, we will reach another section of forest track. We will walk to the right and in descent, until we reach the recreational area of ​​the Sotillo stream. We will walk upstream, next to the stream on our left, until we come to a curve with almost no vegetation, in which we will take the left. After a section of firewall, we take the left again. Once you reach a fork, you will see on the right a sign announcing your arrival at the "Estanque del Sotillo". In this area we will find a place to rest, "El Refugio de Andrés". From here, we will continue going back in the opposite direction to the initial one, guiding us by the directional arrows placed on the posts of the trail signs. We will continue this route until we reach the end of the corridor in the forest, at which point we will take the left, we will walk along a lane until we reach a fork in a plain where we will take the right. Arrived at a new track, we will take the left and continue until we get back to the car park, after leaving the Reserve area by a Canadian pass.



Fuenlabrada de los Montes. In the public forest "El Sotillo", within the Regional Hunting Reserve of Cíjara .


By the public road that goes from Fuenlabrada de los Montes to the Regional Reserve of Hunting of the Cíjara to the port of Sotillo.


On foot; length 16.20 Km; d uration of the march 5 h 25 min ; medium difficulty - low . Slope: 260 m. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 10'02.1 "N 4 ° 55'09.1" W


  • Vegetation: Forests of pines, gall oaks, holm oaks, strawberry trees, heather and rosemary.
  • Fauna: Deer, deer, wild boar, roe deer. Birds: Northern Goshawk, jay, Great Spotted Woodpeckers, rock pigeons and many passerines.
  • Interesting geological formations.
  • Collection of chanterelles in autumn.


Recreational area of ​​Sotillo. Refugio de Andrés: Rest area with drinking water. Lookout.