We start from the school "Virgen de los Remedios" the alley of the Pozancas . We reach an intersection with the "casting of Eras", where turn right until finding a path reformed in good condition. Then turn left, entering a pasture, and take south to the dam of Orellana. Arrived at the channel Pastures, we crossed by a bridge, a detour of about 150 m turn left. Cross the bridge and on the other side of the canal, we took a downward path with a door . We follow this path until you reach another door, which arrived after crossing the bird observatory, located near the artificial lake of Arroyo Hondo. We surround the lagoon of Arroyo Hondo to find an uphill lane to the left, which brings us back to the channel. We crossed the canal over the bridge and on the other side and take an upward shabby alley, which leads to a junction with the casting of Ages. Shortly after crossing we can already see the village of Casas de Don Pedro, from which we start. Fast forward to get to school, ending our route.



Casas de Don Pedro.


The route p art of the town of Casas de Don Pedro, more specifically from the "Virgen de los Remedios" Public School .


A foot; 12,20 Km length; duration of travel 3 h 5 min ; low difficulty . Cycle: 55 min. Elevation gain: 70 m. Circular route .

Coordinates: 39 ° 06'06.3 "N ° 19'46.4 5" W


  • The waterwheel of Casas de Don Pedro is ideal for watching waterfowl in summer and winter, but spring can also be found in other birds.
  • Poultry: Waterfowl (ducks, geese, etc.); tern, Caspian tern , stilt, canastera, Plover. Elanio blue, buzzard, eagle, booted eagle, black kite, common crane, rabilargo , Hoopoe, Shrike, Thekla Lark.


Bird Observatory in the Waterwheel of Casas de Don Pedro.