Helechosa de los Montes.


We start from the Interpretation Center of the Resources of the surroundings of the Cíjara, in the place of the Robledillos, where we also find the observatory of the rutting (Road BA-077).


On foot; length 6.30 Km; duration of the march 1 h 35 min; low difficulty . Slope: 164 m. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 19'20.9 "N 4 ° 57'01.1 " W


  • Vegetation: Stone pine and resin forest. Holm oaks, cork oaks, gall oaks. Mediterranean scrub.
  • Crags of the gully.
  • Fauna: Deer, deer, roe deer, wild boar. Birds: Bonelli and golden eagles, griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Red-billed Choughs, Blue Rock-Thrush, black wheatears and black storks. Iberian Magpie, Starlings, warblers, Spotted Woodpeckers and jays.


Interpretation Center of the resources of the Cíjara environment. Observation of the rutting. Recreational area of ​​the Robledillos pond.