Take the road to the right, until you reach a street that part back to the right , next to a cattle ship. We cross the paved road until we join a wide stretch click to ascend to the port Zamorano. At this, we leave the trail to the right and take another shabby. We climb gradually to approach the Castro, still preserves the remains of houses and cisterns. From here we can see a splendid view. After the Castro, we descend a steep corridor between rocks. The first section of the descent constitute stony terraces and buildings developed by the shepherds. The next stretch it up stretches of forest, olive groves and rocky terrain, until you reach a narrow alley between stone walls and olive trees, which will go down as will widen, not more than three meters, yes. At the end of this alleyway we get back to the hermitage of San Blas, where we started.





The route begins at the entrance of Garbayuela, more specifically in the hermitage of "San Blas", where the signposted itinerary appears.


AWalking; length 6.28 Km; duration of the march 3 hours; medium difficulty Elevation 288 m. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 03'04.2 "N ° 00'13.9 5" W


  • Vegetation: olive trees, oaks, Mediterranean scrub, pines, oaks.
  • Wildlife: griffon vulture, eagle owl, eagle, vulture, black stork, woodpecker bird and various other birds.


Natural viewpoint of birds.