We begin at the end of last chalet in the village of Puerto Peña, who is on the road from this village to Talarrubias, on a road where the road begins. We began a descent to reach a stream, always advancing along the left bank to the mouth of the Guadiana river itself. A few hundred meters we find the ruins of a house and a mill, ushering in a I narrow down a steep slope on the left bank of the river stretch. After spending a second bridge crossing the mouth of a creek, the road will continue close to the bed of the Guadiana. We ascend to place ourselves in a pasture on the trail that runs like a balcony over the Guadiana river. After spending a couple of bridges again we find an old waterwheel for water extraction. From this particular point we have two options: either return the same way or return by the string of Merinas along the irrigation canal. To follow the latter option, follow the irrigation canal to a passing lane that starts with a stone wall and a house homeless. Here begins a steep decline, crossing a fence to be opened and closed.After leaving the cattle route we reach the next road crossing the river from which can be seen on the left, the first bridge of our journey. The return to the parking lot we will do the same path that we started.





In the hamlet of Puerto Peña in Talarrubias road, past the town of Puerto Peña on a road to the right, where there is a triple bill of the route . 


A foot; length 5.86 km; duration of operation 2 h; low difficulty . Elevation gain: 82 m. Circular route .

Coordinates: 39 ° 10'19.9 "N ° 02'50.6 5" W


  • Vegetation: jara, broom, oaks, wild olive, hawthorn, poplars and native riparian plants and pasture.
  • Wildlife: Nutria. Various types of amphibians and fish. Birds: herons, egrets, mallards, kingfishers, white and black storks.


Natural viewpoint.