Casa señorial y “Casa de Castro”

Both of Baroque facade

In Sancti Spiritus we find two old manor houses with a baroque façade on Jose Antonio Street. One of these houses receives the name of "Castro's house ".



Administrative axis of the town, its external appearance is pleasing to the eye.


Iglesia del Espíritu Santo / Retablo

Religious temple of Mudejar origin, whitewashed masonry and porticoed arch at the base of its tower. Inside it has an altarpiece that has images of the Holy Christ, the Nazarene and the Virgen de los Dolores respectively.


Rollo Medieval

Column topped by a cross and raised on a brick staircase, next to the Church of the Holy Spirit.


La Cruz

Cross raised on board, located in the place popularly known as "La Villa".


Various fountains and wells present in the urban core

Several fountains and wells that beautify the urban area of Sancti Spiritus.