Practicable Places

  • Medical Office

Address: C/ Colón, 9, 06655 - Sancti - Spiritus
Phone: 924 624 052
Characteristics: The entrance door measures 83cm wide. At the entrance there are two steps, the first measuring 10cm and the second measuring 13cm in height.

  • Pharmacy Ldo. Ignacio J. Ahumada Arroquia

Address: C/ José Antonio, 7, 06655 - Sancti - Spiritus
Phone: 924 624 076
Characteristics: The entrance door of two leaves, the one on the right is 73 cm, and the one on the left is 77 cm. The threshold measures 6 cm, of riser.

  • Iglesias Parroquial del Espíritu Santo

Address: C/ José Antonio, s/n, 06655 - Sancti - Spiritus
Phone: 924 624 077
Characteristics: The two-leaf entrance door measures 95 cm each. The leaf on the right is divided into 59cm and a 23.5cm rise. Entrance with ramp.

  • Bar El Escorial

Address: Héroes del Alcazar, 06655 - Sancti Spiritus
Phone: 609 099 492
Characteristics: The entrance at the level of the sidewalk. The two-leaf door measures 65cm. No toilets for the disabled.