To the southeast of Puebla de Alcocer, on the banks of the Serena reservoir and near the Sierra del Cuchillo, we find the town of Sancti-Spíritus, ideal for fishing .

The white color is the predominante  in the buildings that make up the streets of Sancti-Spíritus, low buildings in which dominates in turn a style of traditional architecture. Among these buildings are two  former manor houses with Baroque facade on the street Jose Antonio. One of these houses receives the nickname Casa de Castro. Another building that is pleasing to the eye is the Town Hall.

The town's outstanding heritage is the Church of the Holy Spirit, of Mudejar origin, whitewashed masonry and porticoed arch at the base of its tower. In its interior it has an altarpiece that has images of the Saint Christ , the Nazarene and the Virgin of Sorrows respectively. Next to the Church we find the Rollo, a column crowned by a cross andraised on a brick staircase. Similar to this is the Cruz, next to the bullring. You can not finish this patrimonial review without mentioning the numerous fountains and wells that are present in the urban nucleus of the town.

Gastronomically highlights in Sancti Spiritus elaborations related to fish - in different variants: gazpacho, marinated in ratatouille, baked ... - and meat, both small game - hares and rabbits both garlic and rice - as lamb and suckling pig . They also highlight candies such as donuts, donuts or almond-shaped mantecados bathed in honey. Highlight the excellent quality of products made in the area such as cheeses, hams, oils and lamb, all with designation of origin.

The festivities celebrated in Sancti-Spíritus are the festivities of San Antonio and Espiritu Santo (both in June), the patron saint festivities of Santo Cristo del Consuelo in September - the most important in the town, with all kinds of activities - and the feast of San Gregorio, in which a drummer and a fisherman walk through the village making the drum sound early in the morning.


Points of interest

  • Casa señorial de fachada barroca y “Casa de Castro” (también de fachada barroca).
  • Ayuntamiento.
  • Iglesia del Espíritu Santo / Retablo.
  • Rollo Medieval.
  • La Cruz.
  • Fuentes y pozos variados presentes en el núcleo urbano.



Adress: Héroes Alcázar, 12. 06655 Sancti Spíritus, Badajoz.

Teléfono: 609099492