On January 17, in Peloche, at dawn, after a night of bonfires, the dancers are responsible for awakening the neighbors to the sound of music, requesting the aguinaldo in exchange for a shot of aguardiente. Then the traditional "migas del santo" in the house of the mayordomo will have breakfast, since at midday noon will start the mass and the dance. Gathered in this enclave, they all begin to dance under the rhythm of the castanets and the guitar, beginning their journey through the streets of Peloche. The itinerary requires the authorities to be picked up until they reach the church, where the procession will be held. After the procession, the mass takes place in honor of San Antonio. After the same, the auction of typical sweets is celebrated, between which is the popular canutos and threads.

The party lasts throughout the day, including musical performances and fireworks.

In relation to the Peloche dancers, their costumes are composed of the following elements:

  • Frilly shirt.
  • Vest.
  • Fringed blanket tied at the waist.
  • Flowers on the back.
  • Jingle bells in the socks.
  • Handkerchief in the manner of a tie, fastened with a ring to which a brooch is superimposed.