Accesible Places

  • Medical Office

Address: C/ Goya, 6, 06659 - El Risco
Phone: 924 624 050
Characteristics: The entrance door measures 87cm wide. Entrance at the level of the sidewalk. Toilets for the disabled. The sink at a height of 86cm, the toilet 42cm and the auxiliary bar at 72cm.


Practicable Places

  • Pharmacy Ldo. Rafael A. Moyano Delgado

Address: San Blas, 3, 06659 - El Risco
Phone: 924 624 125
Characteristics: The entrance door with two leaves each measures 60 cm. The threshold measures 6cm on the right side and 4cm on the left side of the wall

  • Church of San Blas

Address: C/ Goya, s/n, 06659 - El Risco
Characteristics: The sidewalk has two steps. The entrance door of two leaves each measures 122cm. The door on the right is divided into another 75 cm wide and a rise of 16 cm. The threshold measures 3 cm on the outside and 5 cm on lowering riser.

  • Bar San Blas

Address: C/ San Blas, 1, 06659 - El Risco
Characteristics: The two-leaf door each measures 65 cm. The entrance at the level of the sidewalk.