Playas artificiales y naturales: Playa Natural “La Gravera”

Numerous play areas, not only for bathing or practicing water sports, but also picnic and similar. There are artificial and natural beaches, being "La Gravera" one of the latter.


Centro de Interpretación de la Fauna Rupícula / Mirador del Centro

The Rupicultural Fauna Interpretation Center, which in turn is the Talarrubias Tourist Office, has a first floor that has exhibition and audiovisual rooms. In turn, on the second floor, it has a terrace-viewpoint that gives unique views, from which you can see the many birds that fly over the area, highlighting in this regard the largest colony of griffon vultures of Badajoz, housed in the rock known as "Great Wall".


Camping Puerto Peña

Camping equipped with multiple endowments that include swimming pools, bungalows, supermarket and sports courts.  


Poblado Puerto Peña: Ermita / Fuentes

The town of Puerto Peña as such is a small population center that houses a small hermitage and some fountains, being fundamentally a small space destined to the habitability of the workers of the reservoir.


Restos Castros Prerromanos

Historical remains present in Puerto Peña.