During the participatory process developed for the elaboration of the key elements of this Candidacy, one of the main problems exposed by citizens is the lack of collective knowledge existing about the values that the territory treasures.


Based on this, and within the framework of the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve, an educational project has been designed focused on making known the natural, geological, cultural, historical, ethnographic heritage... of La Siberia to schoolchildren with the purpose of:


  • Generate roots based on the creation of pride in belonging and promoting knowledge of the environment and its values.
  • Expand the concept of belonging, from the strictly local (my town), to the territorial (my Shire) in order to promote the culture of inter-municipal cooperation as a basis for the sustainable development of La Siberia.
  • Expose the opportunities that exist in the territory to consolidate a high quality life model, sustainable and supported by the opportunities offered by the Rural Environment to generate economy based on alternative models such as the Green, Circular and Social Economies.
  • Add agents in the work of conservation, recovery and valuation of local heritage, as the school-age population, in addition to being able to develop an active role, can generate, with their attitude, concentric circles in their family environments that generate good social habits regarding the protection of the environment.


The Educational Project of La Siberia, is a pilot initiative that aims to achieve tangible results in the medium and long term, translated into consolidation of the local population and the growth of social and economic dynamisms. In short, it is a project that has been born with the vocation of being able to be exported to other rural environments characterized by low population densities, accentuated demographic problems and low levels of self-esteem, or, failing that, knowledge of local values.



Area involved

The Educational Project will be developed in the entire territory of the proposed Biosphere Reserve.




The project is intended for two defined groups:


  • Teaching staff at schools in La Siberia, which must act as a means of transmitting knowledge of the environment to the students of the child and secondary education centers of the target territory.
  • Primary and secondary students of La Siberia who, although from the point of view of the project, are the final addressees, that is, the people to whom the educational actions are directed, in turn, can disseminate the knowledge acquired through from their family and neighborhood circles.



Expected results

The results that are intended to be achieved with the implementation of the Educational Project are the following:


  • Increase the sense of belonging of the school population through knowledge and appreciation of the existing resources in the environment they inhabit.
  • Sensitize the school population about the importance of conserving the existing heritage in the territory: environmental, cultural, intangible, historical-artistic, etc...
  • Generate good habits of social education, as a means to improve coexistence, the generation of emotional ties and the conservation of urban and natural landscapes.
  • Promote a proactive and entrepreneurial culture in the school population, based on the potential of endogenous resources.
  • Generate concentric waves of transmission of the autochthonous values from the familiar and neighborhood circles of the school population.
  • Encourage inter-municipal cooperation and the integration of the localities that are part of the proposed Biosphere Reserve territory.



Actions carried out in the Educational Project

The actions that are being developed within the Educational Project are:


  • Preparation of the book "Knowing the Natural, Social and Cultural Environment of Siberia".
  • Teacher training at the primary, secondary and high school centers. Through training actions to publicize the educational project of La Siberia and train teachers, to transfer the students knowledge of the environment in which they live, collected in the book "Knowing the Natural, Social and Cultural Siberia."
  • Annual organization of the School Bio-Coexistence of the La Siberia Biosphere Reserve. A day of coexistence, with students of the Schools of all the municipalities adhered to the project of the Biosphere Reserve of La Siberia, focused on students connect with the environment of the region, know and learn to care for and value it through activities, workshops and games. The Bio coexistence is carried out every year in one of the municipalities of the territory of the Reserve.
  • Organization of work groups of the Bio Centers Network.

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