Accesibles Places

  • Medical Office

Address: Carretera, s/n, 06670 - Peloche (Herrera del Duque)
Caracteristics: The entrance door at the level of the sidewalk, with two leaves, each measuring 76cm


Practicable Places

  • Bar Cipri

Address: C/ Constitución, 2, 06670 - Peloche (Herrera del Duque)
Telephone: 924 652 102
Caracteristics: It has three entrance doors:

  1. The first entrance door is single-leaf and measures 87cm. The threshold measures 5cm.   In C / Constitution.
  2. The second entrance door has a ramp . In C / Soldado Español
  3. The third gate consists of two leaves with a threshold.

It does not have toilets for the disabled.