The traditional pilgrimage of "Los Ranchos" is celebrated in Castilblanco in the month of May. Well in colorful floats or on foot, the pilgrims travel the road that goes from Castilblanco to the hermitage of San Matías, a saint who is honored in this celebration. This pilgrimage has a peculiarity, and is that, after the pilgrimage to the hermitage, they meet for three days in the natural areas surrounding the temple, eating dishes such as lamb stew, extremaduran crumbs and other typical dishes, drinking wine and brandy home while enjoying the coexistence with their neighbors.

After the conviviality and the country celebrations, the procession resumes, with the object of introducing the figure of the saint in the hermitage. Arrived at the same, the neighbors bid to reintegrate San Matías in the temple, paying a price to open the doors of the chapel. Once this is introduced, the offering of flask to the saint is produced, as well as the auction of typical sweets, continuing the party until well into the night.