The practice of fishing in the region of La Siberia and therefore in Extremadura, requires the possession of the corresponding Fishing License in force, which can be requested for a period that covers   1 to 5 years.  

Among the types of fishing licenses, in addition to the General Fishing License in Extremadura there is the   Fishing license without death, incompatible with other fishing licenses and whose fees have a reduction of 50% with respect to the amounts of the rates in force at each moment. The Fishing License without Death obliges its holder to release immediately in the waters of origin of all the fish of the categories of regional and natural interest captured.

For those under 14 years of age, there is the possibility of having either a license of their own or with the license of an adult who has included it in it. In the event that the minor does not have their own DNI, they must be included in an adult's license to fish.

Another of the existing licenses is one called Interautonomic License of Fishing, valid for 1 year and   that allows its holders to fish in the Autonomous Communities attached to it, which for the case are the following : Aragón, Asturias, Castilla y León, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura, Galicia and Madrid.

Another alternative, in this case for fishermen not resident in Extremadura who wish to fish in reduced periods of less than one month, are the authorizations, restricted to this time limitation and to certain sections. These authorizations for non-resident fishermen must be requested by the Fishing Guides registered in the Register of Fishing Guides of Extremadura.


To apply for a fishing license in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura you must complete the so-called Model 050 (Official model for payment of fees to the Junta de Extremadura), paying the corresponding fee.

The Model 050 can be filled online at Tributary Portal of the Junta de Extremadura, paying the fee either online (paying via the payment gateway) or in person, printing the Model 050 and paying the amount in a bank .

Once the model has been paid 050, it must be present in any record offices the Extremadura or mailed post such to the following address:


Licencias de Caza y Pesca.

Apartado de Correos 254.

06800 MÉRIDA.


If this is the first time that we apply for the Fishing License or in the case of applying for the modality over 65 years of age, a photocopy of the DNI must be submitted together with the Model 050.

Regarding the completion of the Model 050, this is quite simple:


Fill this section with our personal data.


Box 31: We enter "X" in “Tasas”.

Box 34, Código: 12031-2

Box 38, Detalle del concepto: "Licencia de Pesca"

Box 39, Detalle de la liquidación: We must specify

  • If it is without death
  • If it is surcharge (for trout fishing)
  • Period of validity of the license

Box 40: Amount to pay (according to current rates)


  • Fee exemption:

They are exempt from payment of fees The   over 65 years   of age with administrative vicinity in Extremadura (which will be accredited by photocopy of the DNI or registration certificate issued by the corresponding City Council), have the right to obtain the fishing license for free. To apply for the license for this modality, you must fill in the following form, without requiring the payment of any fee:

The fishing license will be free in addition to the third and subsequent children dependent on their parents and with a family address in Extremadura from at least two years of age before the application. For this the income of the family unit must be less than five times the minimum interprofessional salary.

  • Overall rate: For any fisherman belonging to the European Union over 16 years of age.
  • Special rate: For non-EU foreigners
  • Reduced rate: Under 16 years, annual duration.
  • Biweekly: Duration:15 days
  • With surcharge: Includes trout fishing in season.
  • Surcharge only: Add trout fishing to a previously obtained license
  • Other reduced rates: Fishing License Fees Without Death: 50% of the amounts and surcharges of the rest of licenses.
  • The rate of Fishing Licenses that include children under 14 years old will be the sum resulting from the rate corresponding to an adult's license plus the reduced rate of a minor.

Applications for fishing licenses will not be processed without a photocopy of the DNI




This license, valid for one year, can be obtained by any Spanish citizen or foreigner residing in Spain who is not disabled (by administrative sanction or final judicial decision). Includes all fishing methods allowed in the territories in which it is valid: Aragón, Asturias, Castilla y León, Comunidad Valenciana, Extremadura and Madrid.

For the issuance of the Inter-Autonomous Fishing License it is not necessary to provide supporting documentation, the applicant must make a responsible statement fulfillment of the required requirements, fill the so-called Model 050 (code 12074-1) and pay the  corresponding fees: 25€. Both documents must be presented at the office of issuance of licenses or in any of the registries provided for in article 38.4 of Law 30/1992, of November 26, on the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and the Common Administrative Procedure, addressed to the General Directorate of Environment.



The following is a list of   border water bodies   between the   Autonomous Communities of Extremadura and Castilla La Mancha   in which they are   valid fishing licenses of both communities. UTM coordinates in ED50 projection, all of them in spindle 30:


  • Río Tajo: Municipal terms of Valdelacasa del Tajo and Villar del Pedroso. South limit in the area of ​​Puente del Arzobispo: 314566 4408087 UTM north: 301830 4407082, El Barquillo area.
  • Río Estena: TM Helechosa de los Montes 338746 4359472 to 331950 4362704
  • Río Estomiza: Municipal Term of Helechosa de los Montes. Birth: 351733 4366207 its estuary in the Estena 338746 4359472
  • Río Frío: Municipal Term of Helechosa de los Montes. UTM home 356397 4365438 End: 354245 4360825
  • Río Guadiana, Cíjara Reservoir: Municipal Term of Villarta de los Montes. UTM start, area Estrecho de la Murciana: 357496 4336741, final UTM: 352504 4341855.
  • Link to the list and mapped: Click here.


To communicate directly with the Licenses Section, you can use the contact means indicated below:


Contact Phones of the Licensing Section:



Post mail:  

Licencias de Caza y Pesca.

Apartado de Correos 254.

06800 MÉRIDA