Conference: The transhumance and the cattle trails in La Siberia.


Dates of execution: From October 27 and 28 , 2017.

Activities developed: In order to publicize the transhumance, intangible cultural heritage of La Siberia, and its livestock trails, the following activities were developed.

  • Seminar "Trashumance and decorating: weaving nature".
    • Friday, October 27, 2017
    • Location: Tamurejo.
    • Participants were taught how to weave blankets of combed wool of black sheep, in danger of extinction and characteristic of livestock in the area.
  • Conference "Transhumance and livestock trails in La Siberia": Talk, interpretive route and pastoral food.
    • Saturday, October 28, 2017
    • Location: Villarta de los Montes.
    • A talk was held regarding the subject of transhumance and then an interpretative route was made through different points of the municipality of Villarta de los Montes, such as the medieval bridge of the Mesta, the Castañar, the Cañada Real Segoviana as it passes through El Robledillo Public Utility Mount, during which popular knowledge was exchanged with historical explanations, as well as observing changes in the landscape. The day ended with a pastoral meal. 

Galería Jornadas Trashumancia