Accesible Places

  • Health Center

Address: Avda. de Extremadura, 48, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephone: 924 650 281
Characteristics: The main entrance has a section of 6 steps and on the right side a ramp.
The two-leaf door measures 1m wide, each one of them.Toilet for people with disabilities. The sink measures 80cm high, 42cm toilet and 88cm auxiliary bars.

  • Rural House La Huerta de los Nogales

Address: Paraje los Nogales - 06670 - Herrera del Duque – Badajoz.
Telephone: 924 650 189
Mobile: 686 798 848
Web: www.lahuertadelosnogales.com
Parking: Ample space available, of loose lands, without signaling as accessible, connected with access to housing through a paved corridor.
Access accessible: Main, flush with hinged door with accessible step gap.
Interior mobility: wide doors and corridors, with turning spaces..
Room: 1 unit on the ground floor. Double bed with transfer space on both sides and space for rotation. Shelves at accessible height. Desk table with free bottom space.
Bathroom in the room: Interior folding door with 70cm step gap. Shower with sidewalk and bars handles. Washbasin with free bottom space. Toilet with left lateral transfer and folding bar on the transfer side. Mirror placed more than one meter high..
Kitchen: Sink and ceramic hob without free lower hollow. Dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator with freezer at accessible height. Circulation space and turn.
Living-dinning room: Circulation and rotation space. Accessible dining tables.
Terrace: with circulation and turning spaces, accesible tables and chairs.
Barbecue: Accessible height and lower free space.
Pool: Access accessible to the site. The glass does not have an accessible entrance. It is accessed by stairs without a handrail. Flush showers without support bars or seat.


Practicable Places

  • Pharmacy Ldo. Francisco López Galán

Address: Plaza España, 25, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephone: 924 650 183
Characteristics: The entrance has a threshold that measures 17cm on the right and 20cm height on the left.
The door with two leaves, each one measuring 59cm wide.

  • Hermitage of Nuestra Señora de la Consolación

Address: Valle de Consolación, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Characteristics: The two-leaf entrance door measures 94cm wide, the right-hand leaf divides into another 67cm wide door and a 33cm high.
The threshold on the outside of the right side measures 8cm, on the left 4.5 cm of height of the partition and on the inside 20 cm of descent..

  • Hostal Restaurante Paco's

Address: Calle Comendador Arias Pérez, 26, 06670 - Herrera del Duque.
Telephones: 924 65 08 01 / 924 65 08 01 / 655 94 66 95
Mail: hostalpacos@gmail.com / info@hostalpacos.es
Web: http://hostalpacos.es/
Characteristics: The entrance of two leaves, measures each of them 82cm.
The threshold measures 8.5 cm in height of partition.
No toilets for the disabled.

  • Hostal Restaurante Cafetería Carlos I

Address: C/ Comendador Arias Pérez, 12, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephones: 924 650 871 / 654 450 905
Mail: reservas@hostalrestaurantecarlos.com
Web: http://www.hostalrestaurantecarlos.com/
Characteristics: Entrance with steps and portable ramp.

  • Bar La Parada

Address: C/ Villanueva, 14, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Characteristics: The entrance door of two leaves , the one on the right is 79 cm, and the one on the left is 31 cm, wide.
The threshold measures 9 cm , the rise of the partition.

  • Café Bar El Cortijo

Address: C/ Feria, 68, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephone: 924 642 204
Characteristics: The entrance has an 11cm step, there is a portable ramp. 
The entrance of two leaves, each one measures 74 cm.Toilet for people with disabilities. The sink is placed at a height of 83cm to, toilet 42 cm. It does not have auxiliary bars.

  • Café Bar La Posada

Address: C / Lamparita, 3, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephone: 924 650 112
Characteristics: The entrance has a step of 11cm.
The two-leaf door measures 60cm wide each.
It does not have toilets for the disabled.

  • Café Bar Los Pastores

Address: Avda. La Palmera, 32, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephone: 924 650 777
Characteristics: The entrance door of two leaves each one measures 62cm.
The threshold measures 8cm on the right side, 6cm on the left side of riser.

  • Cafetería Bar Restaurante La Marina

Address: C/ Carrera, 93, 06670 - Herrera del Duque
Telephone: 924 642 021
Characteristics: The entrance with a double-leaf door, each measuring 92cm wide.
The threshold measures 16cm on the right and 17cm on the left