Urban Center: Homes with sgraffito facades and various paintings

In the urban center of Helechosa de los Montes we find a varied set of housings with sgraffito facades and several paintings, constituting an example of the popular architecture so own of the zone .


Plaza Mayor / Ayuntamiento (Campana y Veleta) / Fuente con Rollo

In the Plaza Mayor of Helechosa de los Montes, administrative axis of the town, we find the Town Hallcrowned by a bell and a weather vane, as well as a fountain that includes the ancient scroll of medieval origin.


Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Altagracia

The Church of Our Lady of Altagracia is perhaps the most outstanding construction of Helechosa de los Montes. Of Mudejar aspect, dates from the S.XVI. Wood, brick and stone are the fundamental elements of this temple, inside which we find an altarpiece from the 16th century.


Paraje de “La Barca”

Ermita de San Isidro y San Francisco de Asís / Picnic / Recreation Areas

The natural landscapes of Helechosa de los Montes are the main attraction of the town. In the spot of  "La Barca", at the foot of the swamp, we find a small hermitage dedicated to San Isidro and San Francisco de Asís, as well as a picnic area and other recreational areas.


Other places

“El Muro”: Hallazgos arqueológicos

Another of the outstanding natural landscapes of Helechosa. In "The Wall" we find vestiges of Roman eras, castros and other archaeological data of interest that endow this place with a broad historical background.


“Fuente de los Manzanos”: Área de descanso y refresco

Rest and refreshment area from which you can contemplate beautiful views.


Vistas de la Presa del Cíjara

To contemplate a spectacular view of the Presa de Cíjara, nothing better than approaching one of the numerous recreational areas surrounding it.