Practicable Places

Hostal Restaurante Helechosa
Avda. Extremadura, 53
06692 - Helechosa de los Montes
Telephone: 924 658 281
Characteristics: The entrance on the left side has a ramp, on the right side there is a 20cm step.
The entrance has two steps that measure 15cm of riser each one of them.
Toilets for the disabled without auxiliary bars


Iglesia Parroquial de Nuestra Señora de Altagracia
06692 - Helechosa de los Montes
Telephone: 924 658 077
Characteristics: The entrance has a step measuring 10cm. 
The threshold of the door on the outside measures 10cm and on the inside measures 4 cm of skirting
The entrance door is of two leaves, the one on the right is 88cm and the one on the left is 91cm wide..


Bar Alicia
C/ Cuatro Calles,
06692 - Helechosa de los Montes
Characteristics: The entrance at the level of the sidewalk.

The entrance door of a leaf measures 81cm