The region of La Siberia has a huge range of birds, distributed by the different ecosystems that make up the landscape of the region. We find sedentary birds that remain in the region all year round, summer birds that remain during spring and summer, in the same way as wintering birds that pass in the Siberia the seasons of autumn and winter; without forgetting those birds that use the region as a transit area in their migrations from north to south - there are two periods of passage, postnuptial or autumnal and prenuptial or spring - . By virtue of this ornithological richness, La Siberia is managing to bring together a growing number of visitors framed within what has been called "Birdwatching" or "Ornithological Tourism".


This type of tourism, based on the love of bird watching in full freedom, allows you to recreate in the landscape, in the enjoyment of a day in the countryside discovering the sounds of nature, the beautiful panoramas of a sunset or of a sunrise, the delight of listening to the singing of some of the birds and observing them through binoculars. This is a practice based on respect for the environment, in a healthy and restrained attitude that does not cause harm to the birds, because if they are afraid they would be causing great harm, something totally contrary to the code of conduct that should govern the behavior of anyone who calls himself "birdwatcher".