Iglesia de San Pedro

In the same urban nucleus of Garbayuela, presiding over the place of the locality, is the Church of San Pedro, constructed in stone, that dates from S. XVI and that lodges an articulated Christ of Gothic style, also of the same time. This Christ is in the baroque altarpiece that also includes carvings of San Sebastián and Santa Ana. This church is a medium-sized temple, which has a quadrangular tower, and whose interior has been subject to various reforms throughout its history.

Monument to the Extremadura Woman

Bronze sculpture of recent creation, representing a woman with a child in her arms. Made by the award-winning creator of special effects cinematographic Reyes Abades, intends to pay tribute to the women of Extremadura.

Tabla Corta o "Paraje del Boquerón"

Natural place in the Guadalemar river. This is an area of ​​beautiful landscapes, ideal for camping and for swimming in certain stretches of the river.

Castro celta de Mirabueno:  El "Castillo"

Ruins of an old Celtic fort in the Sierra de Mirabueno , difficult to access to be located on a rocky outcrop.