Practicable Places

  • Health Center

Address: C/ Calvario, s/n, 06690 - Garbayuela
Telephone: 924 635 676
Characteristics: The entrance door of two leaves, each one measures 69cm. 
The threshold measures 13cm of riser.
Without toilet for the disabled.

  • Hermitage of San Isidro

Address: C/ Extramuro, s/n, 06690 - Garbayuela
Caracteristics: The two-leaf entrance door measures 50cm each.
The entrance at the level of the sidewalk.

  • Church of San Pedro Apostle

Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 13, 06690 - Garbayuela
Telephone: 924 635 703
Characteristics: The entrance door is of two leaves the one of the left measures 96cm of width, the one of the right measures 92cm and in turn of divides in another one of 64,5 of width with an increase of 8cm.
The threshold of the door measures 2cm of riser.