Third Siberian town (along with Fuenlabrada de los Montes and Helechosa de los Montes) in which the Corpus Christi day is celebrated in an outstanding way.

Sawdust and salt are present in the streets of Puebla de Alcocer, giving rise to beautiful carpets made up of drawings and messages made by both the children and the elderly, in order to embellish the route of the procession.

The three dawns before the celebration of the Day of the Lord, the neighbors are singing the traditional "Coplas de la Aurora" through the streets of the town, to the bridge where they start tasting typical sweets and drink the typical "Chapurrao".

On the occasion of the celebration of Corpus Christi (60 days after Easter Sunday), the procession will advance along the entire route decorated in the early hours of the morning, trampling fennel, basil and other aromatic herbs; adorned the facades with palm leaves, flags, embroidered shawls and other decorative elements for the style and arranging small altars in the streets so that the procession stops by passing in front of them.

Regarding the parade, in the advance of the same we find two standard bearers, who perform colorful hand games with the aforementioned flags at the same time they sing cries and praises to the Virgin of Carmen and the Virgin of the Rosary. They are followed by four "Alabarderos" and four "Captains" who escort the priest, carrying these last canes adorned with lace and lace. Accompany all these members a group of children dressed in communion. After the procession, attendees enjoy a snack that ends the celebration.