The Natural Road of Guadiana, in its Extremadura section, runs entirely through the province of Badajoz, covering about 326 km that are divided into 6 stages.

The integration of several of these stages in the region of La Siberia, allows the cyclist to discover protected areas of immense beauty, large fluvial extensions, points of interest framed within the Candidacy of La Siberia to Biosphere Reserve as may be the regional reserve of Cíjara, the Zone of special protection for the birds of Puerto Peña and Sierra de los Golondrinos, etc.

We are going to focus here on breaking down the six stages that this road includes in Extremadura, three of which take place in La Siberia.

  • Length: 326 km.
  • No. of Stages: 6.
  • Slope: 2, 1%
  • Number of locations that make up the route: 15 towns.
  • Values: Various animals in the area can be observed during the tour, such as griffon vultures, black storks, deer and bucks. The route borders beautiful fluvial landscapes and allows the delight with the beautiful panoramic views that adorn the region, as well as entering ZEPA areas such as Puerto Peña and Sierra de los Golondrinos.



Villarta de los Montes - Castilblanco

  • Start: Villarta de los Montes.
  • Final: Castilblanco.
  • Length of stage: 49.3 km.
  • Estimated duration: 4 h and 15 min.

This stage begins in Villarta de los Montes, in the Cíjara Regional Reserve. Following the path of Herrera del Duque, we ascend to Puerto del Lobo, advancing through pine forests until we reach the vicinity of Helechosa de los Montes, where the route continues along the road from Helechosa to Castilblanco. Finally, the route turns southwest parallel to the Guadiana channel, until it reaches the N-502, through which it crosses the river towards Castilblanco, at the end of the Stage.



Castilblanco – Casas de Don Pedro

  • Start: Castilblanco.
  • End: Casas de Don Pedro.
  • Length of stage: 60.6 km.
  • Estimated duration: 4 h and 15 min.

We start in Castilblanco, crossing the Guadiana on the N-502 in the direction of Herrera del Duque, on the dirt road. Follow the route of the BA-138 until you reach Peloche. The reservoir of García de Sola is bordered, the stage running along the tail of the Orellana reservoir, where we find the first fluvial beach in Spain that has a blue flag. After traveling 15 km from the canal, we reach the end of the route: Casas de Don Pedro.



Casas de Don Pedro - Orellana la Vieja.

  • Start: Casas de Don Pedro.
  • Final: Orellana.
  • Stage length: 46.3 km.
  • Estimated duration: 3 h and 15 min.

We start from Casas de Don Pedro, taking the BA-137 towards Talarrubias, but without reaching that town. Immersed in the ZEPA and area of regional interest Orellana and Sierra de Pela, we will arrive at Puebla de Alcocer, whose castle will allow us to delight ourselves with impressive panoramic views. Arrived at the bridge and the Cogolludo tunnel, where the original channel of the Guadiana is crossed, we find the Roman ruins of Lacimurga. To conclude the stage, we advance to Orellana de la Sierra and from there to Orellana la Vieja, end of the stage and that also has the attraction of having the only fluvial beach in Spain with Blue Flag.



Orellana la Vieja - Medellín

  • Start: Orellana la Vieja.
  • End: Medellín.
  • Length of stage: 57,7 km.
  • Estimated duration: 4 h.

We start from Orellana la Vieja running parallel to the Guadiana River until we join the canal track for 8 km. Taking the road from Villanueva de la Serena we will enter varied crops, ending these landscapes by crossing the Guadiana by the barts of Entrerríos and again by the river Zújar bump, after crossing which will run parallel to the channel of Guadiana surrounding Villanueva de La Serena until we come across the Greenway Vegas del Guadiana. Continue the journey to the riverbank, at the height of the Martel mill. The stage ends with the arrival in Medellín, a town that has remarkable archaeological baggage.



Medellín - Mérida

  • Start: Medellín.
  • End: Merida.
  • Length of stage: 55, 6 km.
  • Estimated duration: 3 h and 30 min.

We start from Medellín in parallel to the Guadiana River. We cross the Guadámez River by a speed bump. Continue the stage passing by Guijo, a small elevated hill suitable for observing the birds that fly over the area. The stage crosses the road EX307, advancing again in parallel to the Guadiana until arriving at VillaGonzalo. Then continue the journey downstream to save the railway line and continue uphill to La Zarza. Later, after crossing the Matachel River three times, we will contact the Cañada Real de la Zarza, taking the bike path that leads to Mérida, end of the stage.



Mérida - Badajoz

  • Start: Mérida.
  • Final: Badajoz.
  • Stage length: 78, 7 km.
  • Estimated duration: 5 h and 30 min.

We leave Mérida following the Guadiana shore downstream, crossing the river by the Montijo dam, then continue along the canal service track until we reach La Garrovilla. The stage continues between the Guadianilla and Guadiana rivers, until crossing the A-5 to re-transit both rivers to the Lobón bridge. From here, we will drive along a stretch of about 15 km of asphalt, until we return to the road that will take us to EX209, near Pueblonuevo del Guadiana. We cross the railway line and pass the towns of Novelda del Guadiana, Sagrajas and Gévora, until entering Badajoz by the bicycle lane, assuming the arrival to this town the end of this stage and the Extremadura route.