• Lenght: 124 km.
  • Nº of Stages: 5.
  • Number of locations that make up the route: 7 towns.
  • Values: Of undoubted geomorphological interest, the present route allows to visualize different ecosystems corresponding to the regions of Almadén, La Siberia and Las Villuercas. We find a great diversity of flora and fauna, with various ZEPAS, highlighting natural sites such as the reservoirs of La Serena and Orellana and the mountains of Siruela and Pela. It is also a route that transits most of the Siberia Extremeña, highlighting in this regard the huge amounts of water reservoir that characterize the region, as well as its mountains, valleys, plains and expanses of Mediterranean forest; as well as the varied presence of birds of all kinds, such as white storks, gulls, bustards, mallard and many others.



Almadén – Garlitos


  • Start: Almadén.
  • End: Garlitos.
  • Length of stage: 24 km.


We start the tour from Almadén, in Ciudad Real, a town characterized by its mercury mines. From here we enter the region of La Siberia, more specifically in the town of Garlitos, which marks the end of this stage.



Garlitos – Siruela


  • Start: Garlitos.
  • End: Siruela.
  • Length of stage: 19 km.


We left Garlitos to go to Siruela, an illustrious town in which personalities of the stature of D. José Moreno Nieto, juriconsult of the 19th century or Fray Juan de Siruela, prior of the Guadalupan monastery, were born. Siruela brand the end of the present stage.



Siruela – Talarrubias


  • Start: Siruela.
  • End: Talarrubias.
  • Length of stage: 20 km.


From Siruela we went to Talarrubias, where we found interesting places such as the Casa del Patio, the old Hospital del Carmen, once a shelter for pilgrims to Guadalupe, now rehabilitated for use by those pilgrims who use this Camino de los Mineros. Finish the stage here, in Talarrubias.



Talarrubias – Casas de Don Pedro


  • Start: Talarrubias.
  • End: Casas de Don Pedro.
  • Length of stage: 14 km.


From Talarrubias we left for Casas de Don Pedro, whose hermitage of Calvary was once a place of visitation by the pilgrims who were on their way to Guadalupe




Casas de Don Pedro – Guadalupe


  • Start: Casas de Don Pedro.
  • End: Guadalupe.
  • Length of stage: 47 km.


This stage begins starting from Casas de Don Pedro. On the way we will find, in the municipality of Valdecaballeros, several pastures belonging to the monastery of Guadalupe. Mark the arrival to this monastery the end of this stage and therefore of our route.