• Length: 114 km.
  • Nº of Stages: 4.
  • Number of locations that make up the route: 6 towns.
  • Values: Way that allows to delight not only in the natural patrimony, but also in the cultural and historical patrimony of the localities that integrate it. Dehesas and grasslands are on this route, as well as the García de Sola reservoir, the Biodiversity and Ecological Corridor of the Guadalupejo River, which connects the SPA "Puerto Peña and Sierra de los Golondrinos" with the "Sierra de las Villuercas and Valle of the Guadarranque ".



Saceruela – Agudo


  • Start: Saceruela.
  • End: Agudo.
  • Stage length: 25 km.


We start from Saceruela, in Ciudad Real, a town historically linked to the path of Guadalupe and its pilgrims, as well as the Cañada Real Merina, an important transhumant route on the Iberian Peninsula. From there we start our journey until we reach Agudo, a town historically related to the north-south and east-west commercial axes; formerly belonging to the Greater Commandery of the Order of Calatrava. The first stage of our journey ends here in Agudo.



Agudo – Fuenlabrada de los Montes


  • Start: Agudo.
  • End: Fuenlabrada de los Montes.
  • Length of stage: 24 km.


We leave Agudo behind to enter the Siberia region, until we reach Fuenlabrada de los Montes, where the Regional Hunting Reserve of Cíjara is already located. Fuenlabrada de los Montes stands out for its artisanal production of honey, an opportunity that we should not miss to make us such a delicious and characteristic product of the area. The current stage ends in Fuenlabrada de los Montes.



Fuenlabrada de los Montes – Castilblanco


  • Start: Fuenlbabrada de los Montes.
  • End: Castilblanco.
  • Stage Length: 29 km.


From Fuenlabrada de los Montes we went to Herrera del Duque, historic town with outstanding vestiges of the past as its imposing medieval castle. It is this town the nerve center of the Comarca of La Siberia. From Herrera we will go to Castilblanco, a town linked in its origins to the Templars, which once housed a fortification (now defunct) used for the defense of Valle del Guadalupejo. Castilblanco marks the end of this stage.



Castilblanco – Guadalupe


  • Start: Castilblanco.
  • End: Guadalupe.
  • Length of stage: 36 km.


Starting from Castilblanco, we continue our journey to get into Cáceres, more specifically in the Villuercas region, until we reach the Monastery of Guadalupe, which marks the end of this stage and therefore of the route.