• Length: 124 km.
  • No. of Stages: 6.
  • Number of locations that make up the route: 7 towns.
  • Values:  Most of the route is made through the Montes de Toledo, of extraordinary botanical and faunal richness. On this route we will find the Cabañeros National Park, one of the most valuable protected spots in Europe. We can see birds such as the Iberian imperial eagle, the griffon vulture or black storks. This route also stands out due to its numerous Areas of Special Protection for Birds (ZEPA). Already within the region of La Siberia, we find the Ecological and Biodiversity Corridor of the Guadalupejo River, the Special Conservation Zone (ZEC) of the Estena River and the Cíjara Regional Reserve.



Alcoba - Horcajo de los Montes

  • Start: Alcove.
  • Final: Horcajo de los Montes.
  • Length of stage: 19 km.

The tour begins in the Cabañeros National Park, within the demarcation of the Montes de Toledo, starting the first stage in the town of Alcoba, a town since 1542 belonging to the former "States of the Duke". Our path continues until we reach the town of Horcajo de los Montes, which marks the end of the stage. In this town we will find a small hermitage consecrated to the Black Virgin.



Horcajo de los Montes - Bohonal

  • Start: Horcajo de los Montes.
  • Final: Bohonal.
  • Length of stage: 13 km.

We left Horcajo de los Montes and, therefore, Castilla La Mancha to enter Extremadura, until we reach Bohonal, a small town in the Siberia region of Palencia, part of Helechosa de los Montes and a gateway to the Regional Hunting Reserve of Cíjara. Bohonal, whose location is framed in a fascinating natural environment, is the town of Spain farthest from its provincial capital (244 km to Badajoz).



Bohonal - Anchuras

  • Start: Bohonal.
  • Final: Anchuras.
  • Length of stage: 28 km.

After our passage through Bohonal, the road returns to enter Castilian-La Mancha lands, until you reach Huertas de Sauceral in the first place. From there it continues to Anchuras, which marks the end of this stage.



Anchuras - Puerto Rey

  • Start: Anchuras.
  • End: Puerto Rey.
  • Length of stage: 19 km.

From Anchuras we continue through Minas de Santa Quitería, a hamlet born from the exploitation of a lead mine in the vicinity of the village "La Cordobilla". From there, we continue to Puerto Rey, on the border with Extremadura, the end of this stage.



Puerto Rey - Alía

  • Start: Puerto Rey.
  • End: Alía.
  • Length of stage: 13 km.

Puerto Rey opens three ports from north to south: El Rey, El Viejo and La Virgen. The three communicate the term of Sevilleja with that of Alía, in Cáceres. It is precisely the town of Alía that marks the end of this stage.



Alía - Guadalupe

  • Start: Alía.
  • End: Guadalupe.
  • Length of stage: 13 km.

From Alía we take the old pilgrims road until we reach the town of Guadalupe and its Monastery, ending here not only the stage, but also the route.