We started at the end of the c / Fuentes where the main signals are located. We find a fork the main signal. We will take the track marked out on our left, a path that leaves our right the stream of Posada. After a few meters, we climb a wide path to the left to climb the Hill of Crosses, where we find three crosses granite and beautiful views. At this point we can return to the original path and continue the march or down to Navalvillar de Pela by a short path marked by crosses. If we choose to return to the original path we will come to a fork where we can choose between two options:

  • First option: Take the left and continue along the original path of the Cerro de las Cruces.            
  • Second option: Go straight and climb the hill of Valdelosilla.            

Opting for the latter, we will add to an upward path, leaving other paths left and right, uphill until you reach the hill of Valdelosilla , where we find two antennas and an excellent view. Descend following the same route of ascent, until you reach the fork where we will join the path that we take previously. We will be taking the right path in the Cerro de las Cruces. Letting it go down right and left other ways derivatives thereof. Atisbaremos several farms and bottom of Navalvillar Pela, arrived at which we will have completed the route.



Navalvillar de Pela.


The route of the town of Navalvillar de Pela. 


Afoot; 6.85 Km length; duration of travel 1 H 4 5 minutes ; low difficulty . Elevation gain: 200 m. Circular route .

Coordinates: 39°05’22.5”N 5°28’27.0”W


  • Panoramic views of the Sierra de las Villuercas , Sierra de Pela, Las Vegas Ruecas, Cubilar high Moheda and Sierra Brava reservoir, from the viewpoint of the turrets. 
  • Hill of three crosses. 


Mirador de las Torretas.