We will cross the N-502 road until we enter the pasture "Mohedas de la Cruz", always walking between two wire fences. We will cross several chancelles, which must be closed when passing. We will pass close to several farmhouses, and before reaching the "Cortijo del Herradero", we will turn off to the left. After a few meters we will find a signpost to the right of the road, to continue the journey through the "Cordel Leonés". Later, when we reach a Canadian pass, we will leave the line turning to the right and we will head towards the river in a descent of gentle slope, being able to glimpse in the background the abandoned Nuclear Power Plant of Valdecaballeros. The Guadalupejo, Silondrillo and Moñigoso rivers flow into the final section. There we will turn left to reach the Guadalupejo river. We will return to the starting point following the same way, but in reverse.





The tour begins in the municipal hostel "San Matías", near the hermitage of the same name, in Castilblanco.


Walking; length 17.20 Km; duration of the march 4h 05 min; low difficulty. By bike 1 h 20 min. Elevation 80 m. Linear route Round trip.

Coordinates: 39°16’49.9”N 5°06’05.6”W


  • Riparian vegetation has earned qualification to the area of ​​"ecological corridor and biodiversity".
  • Wildlife: herons, storks, cranes, deer, wild boars.


Bird’s viewpoint. GR signs, coinciding certain sections of this route with the "Gr Route of Camino de Levante Guadalupe".