Village of Helechosa de los Montes , the secluded village of Bohonal is located in the Sierra de la Dehesilla , on the border with Ciudad Real . Bordered by the streams ofValtuerto and Sordillo, is a pretty remote place not in vain is the farthest from the capital, Badajoz - ideal for relaxation.

The Church of San Pedro Apóstol stands out in Bohonal , with a rectangular floor plan and a single nave, dating from the 16th century. It has an intradosed dome on the outside and a half-orange dome on the inside, as well as a doorway with round arches on the gable, built in brick, as well as the decorative frieze found there. Also, the architecture present in the streets of Bohonal It is of interest insofar as it has hardly been subjected to modifications, being also in good condition.

Of great beauty are the places that surround this isolated village, rockrose and pines predominate among the flora surrounding the swamp.

The local dishes do not differ much from those of Helechosa: stew, gazpacho, "cursed chorizos" pestorejo, "the priest morcilla" and trabao with drippings and bacon;candelillas and canutos as sweet elaborations.

The most outstanding festivity that takes place in Bohonal is that of patron Saint Peter (June 29), taking place during the same mass, procession, popular food and verbena.


Points of interest:

  • Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol.
  • Calles de Bohonal.
  • Parajes naturales que rodean a la aldea.