Helechosa de los Montes On the Majadavieja mountain , within the Regional Hunting Reserve of Cíjara .


From Boyerizas de Majadavieja , in Helechosa de los montes. On the road between Helechosa and Villarta, next to the tourist accommodation.


On foot, about 50 m in . Distance 1, 69 km, with 77 m of unevenness. Low difficulty Short route, its greatest difficulty lies in some sections with areas of loose stone, without it being dangerous. Linear route, round trip.

Coordinates: 39°17’58.0”N 4°47’26.9”W


  • Forested vegetation: Poplars, ash trees, willows, gall oaks, hawthorn trees, mastic trees, rosemary, strawberry trees, cornicabras, Alder buckthorns, holly trees, wild vines, peonies flowers in spring.
  • Birds: Myths, tits, European European Robins, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Isabelline Shrikes.
  • Other animals : Weasels, martens, genets.


Wooden railing in the most difficult areas.