From Herrera del Duque we go down to Puente Viejo to follow the stream until we reach the vicinity of the Herrera water treatment plant, where we will pass under the N-502 road. With the stream on the right, we will advance about 200 m until we can cross it and reach the other side of it. Once we have crossed the stream, we advance about 3 kilometers along this margin until passing by the remains of mills and a waterfall. We retrace our steps about 2 kilometers until we deviate on the road on the right in the direction of Herrera del Duque. This road will take us to the Morro, in the vicinity of the cemetery.




Herrera del Duque.


It starts from the junction of the N-502 with the arrival to the urban area of Herrera del Duque from Castilblanco, in the opposite direction to the population center.


Walking; Length 9.79 Km; duration of the march 2 h 25 min; low difficulty. Elevation 71 m Circular Route.

Coordinates: 39°10’19.9”N 5°02’50.6”W


  • Vegetation: Cord of snuffs around the creek Pelochejo. Thyme, gorse, brooms, elms.
  • Fauna: Sardinian Warbler, Mediterranean Turtle, Bee - eater, Great Spotted Cuckoo and other birds.
  • Several points of interest such as the medieval Old Bridge or remains of mud, brick and stone mills.


Route perfectly signposted with wooden poles and yellow arrows.