Of all the bonfires that can be lit in La Siberia, it is in the town of Risco where the highest of all of them is lit, becoming visible from miles away.

Tradition of Celtic origins, survives thanks to the maintenance of it from generation to generation. La Candelaria is a family festivity, where the whole town gathers around a gigantic bonfire, fed with the firewood collected by the young people of the town since the day of Kings. There is also a religious component in this tradition, because through the bonfire they "expiate the sins" committed throughout the year.

Around the bonfire, locals and visitors share conversation and enjoy the festival, at the same time they delight in the tasting of sausages roasted in the fire of the fire and seasoned with pitarra wine and brandy, until the wee hours of the morning, continuing the celebrations the next day on the occasion of the festival of San Blas.