The route starts at the Port, along a paved public road, until you reach the vicinity of the Consolacion Hermitage. After passing this, the route continues along the forest track, until we enter the Monte de Utilidad Pública, through a stone porter on the hillside. Through the track we will reach the Castaño Fountain. When leaving the slope, we will enter a wooded area. Already in the valley, we found a recreational area, next to which is an old brickwork with its oven in good condition. We leave this area to start the climb up the rope of the Sierra de las Víboras to the fire monitoring post from where we can see the slope of the sun. From here and down through the pine pine forest we will arrive at the valley of Los Golondrinos to then pass through the sun and return by the access pitas to the port of Consolación where we started the route.



Herrera del Duque


From Herrera del Duque to the port of Consolation by asphalted road. 


Walking; length 12.20 km; duration of walking 3 h 5 min; low difficulty. Elevation 195 m. Circular Route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 08'50.5 "N ° 04'17.8 5" W


  • Viewpoint of la Solana. Viewpoint of the Vipers.
  • Castaño Fountain.


Recreational area with fountain, shelter and rest furniture