The route begins in the parking lot of the Collado del Serrano and from where the road starts to the watchtower of Sierra del Palo, where we will find the road sign. On our left we head towards the valley of the Castaños, entering the mountain through a stone porter. Before starting to descend to the valley we will pass by a small hill, in which there is a path to the right. We did not take this path, because it would take us back to the pass in which we are, it is a circular route.

After this area, after descending the forest trail, we reach the Celada stream, with a forest of large chestnut trees on its banks. We cross the stream until we reach a fork, where we will take the left. We start a climb until we reach a new fork, where we take the right along a forest track that crosses the Celada. Two deviations will be found in this section (about 2.5 km long) if we want to appreciate the panoramic views.

The first of the deviations arises by a path to the right that leads to the viewpoint of La Celada, from which contemplate you can contemplate the valley.

The second deviation is after about 700 meters after the first. We will deviate a few meters by a lane on the left and arrive at the port of El Cura and then to the hill of Motilla.

After this deviation, we will return to the track, continuing our way to a detour to the right, a path of hunters that runs along a wide spur with few stretches of forest and good views. We follow the path that descends along a section without vegetation and stony, passing by a waterfall to reach another pine forest. Crossed this we arrive again to the forest track of the Valley of the Castaños through which we transit at the beginning of the route. What we will do now will be to turn to the left to cross the track parallel to the stream of Celada and its chestnut trees until we reach the forest refuge of La Celada. We resume the march taking a path after the refuge that crosses the stream by a wooden bridge. We will walk along the path on the wooded slope until we reach the forest path of the small pass, where we will descend to the Valley of the Castaños and take the left to reach the same parking lot from which we left.



Siruela-Garlitos. In the public mount La Celada A, located in the municipality of Garlitos within the Special Protection Area for Birds (SBPA) of Sierra de Siruela.


From the road from Siruela to Talarrubias along an asphalted track that goes to the left before the gas station and that accesses to "La Celada A", a mountain located in Garlitos.


On foot, estimated time: 3 h 40 min. Distance 11 km, with 200 m of unevenness. Medium difficulty - low. Circular route.

Coordinates: 38 ° 55'48.8 "N ° 03'02.0 5" W


  • Vegetation: pines, chestnuts, gall oaks, maples, junipers and patches of Mediterranean forest.
  • Geological formations.
  • Protected species.


Recreational area of La Celada. Forest refuge with drinking water. Viewpoints.