We take one of the streets of the top of Puebla de Alcocer, which leads to a path of olive groves. At the first fork to the left climb along a paved road that runs along a hillside north-northwest orientation. According ascend the road will narrow into an alley. At the end of the climb we reached the hill of water reservoirs, where we cross the rocky outcrops that make up the "Sierra del Castillo". We continue along the narrow street downhill until you reach a fork, where we take the lane to the left, upward, even closer than before. This alleyway leads to the hill above the small cave "Juan Cántara". AUI We take the road up to the castle, to get there. From the castle we descend a small alley on the left of the entrance to it, until an Arab tower in the vicinity of Puebla de Alcocer. We follow the same path to get where we start our route again.



Puebla de Alcocer.


The route starts from the beginning of the road leading up to the castle at the top of Puebla de Alcocer, where the major landmarks are located. 


On foot; 3.74 Km length; length up 5 4 min ; low difficulty . Gradient: 141 m. Circular route 

Coordinates: 38 ° 58'43.1 "N ° 15'24.1 5" W


  • Beautiful views of the Serena, especially since the castle area.
  • Vegetation: Olives, olive trees, Mediterranean scrub.
  • Wildlife: Birds steppe as elanio blue, buzzard, booted eagle, black kite, common crane, rabilargo, Hoopoe, Shrike, Thekla Lark and other various birds.