We start from Herrera on a paved road, about 2.5 km. We leave this road and climb the shady side of the Sierra de los Golondrinos to the top. During a first tranche of 2 kilometers slope runs online. When you reach a crossroads take the left to climb the hill. After about 700 m left the road for the last uphill stretch. At the top of the hill, we can contemplate the beautiful views of Puerto Peña to Cíjara Game Reserve. We descend into the valley of Golondrinos along a narrow path until you reach a forest track that will be crossed. We continue along the path in the same direction as we were following all the way to a second forest track, which we will take to the left leaving on our right the village Paniagua (farm Valleys Judge). We passed a fountain and a gazebo, continue through pine forests to the port of Consolation with the option of taking a detour to visit the Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation.In any case, arrived at the port, go down the road off to the left of the asphalted road to then after about 700 m, turn to the right straight to return to the starting point of the route.



Herrera del Duque.


From the urban center of Herrera del Duque. 


Walking; length 13.50 km; duration of walking 3 h 25 min; low difficulty. Elevation 192 m. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 09'46.8 "N ° 03'32.8 5" W


  • Meadow Vegetation: Oak, Cork oak, Gall Oak. Mediterranean forest vegetation: Strawberry Tree, cornicabras, heathers, rockrose, thyme, Laurestine. Forests of Stone Pines and eucalyptus.
  • Bird Protection Area (SPA). From the top of the hill of Golondrinos several birds of prey, insectivorous, chaffinchs, hoopoes, magpies, owls and similar. Other existing fauna are: weasels, ferrets, mongoose, genets, rabbits, hares, wild boars and deers.


Natural viewpoint at the top of the hill. Other natural viewpoints.